Fall-Winter 2017 Collection

When craftsmanship and passion combine

Antonio Croce Fall/Winter 2017 collection is born from the union between the warm colours of the sinuous waves of the African deserts at sunset and the dynamic yet balanced use of black and white. Shades of beige and red thus recall faraway lands, whereas neutral colours like black, white and grey underline the cosmopolitan nature of Antonio Croce’s women, bringing back the attention on the Italian manufacturing.

Embroideries entirely crafted in Italy by expert artisan hands are created on the warm shades of various fabrics.

Small precious glass cubes, a wool ribbon bordered with satin and woven into a contrasting mignon and leather triangles come together to create the “Zigzag Embroidery”, which is positioned on the shoulders and wrists of jackets and coats.

The “Braid Embroidery” has a more sinuous profile: it is a thread woven into soutache of different thickness and glass pyramids. Placed on clothes in order to underline colour contrasts, it perfectly follows the female silhouette.

Another extremely valued embroidery is the cross-stitch on leather, a combination of tradition and innovation forming a texture with triangles: those with upward point symbolize divinity, fire and masculinity, while those with downward point represent humanity, water and femininity. Due to this contrasting nature, the triangle, which gives life to the pyramid, is considered a symbol of the brand.

The rich macramé lace gives preciousness to trench coats, studded leather jackets and dresses. It recalls typical decorations of the Countries on the Mediterranean Sea and uses black to create contrast games with beige and white.

Dresses with back plunging necklines and dreamy trains: intriguing creations for soirées, with which it is possible to appear marvellous thanks to the brightness of silk satin.

Being the symbol of elegance par excellence, the Rex Rabbit fur coat is a must-have garment: its luxurious details give life to bold graphic patterns that suit Antonio Croce’s resolute women or it is used to make the studded leather jacket unique, iconic item of the brand.

Outwears and dresses with sartorial shapes create this collection, characterized by African sunset’s warm tones and by the passion for the Italian excellence, which makes each creation unique.