Our History: Inspiration and Wearability

Perfectionism and a sense of initiative together with a special passion and creative capacity are the fundamental principles that guide our work. Many years of consolidated experience in the world of tailoring and modelling has enabled us to create forms and volumes inspired by the perfect, cyclical and eternal geometrical shape of the triangle, resulting in garments that project a sense of refined Italian elegance.

From Sketch to Finished Dress

Each item of Antonio Croce clothing is the result of the generous inspiration provided by travel, places and people. Each item of clothing tells the story of a scientific creation that starts with the choice of colours and fabrics and leads to the sketched item. This is how paper patterns are produced; they start off as prototypes and are then turned into samples, which are only ready to be manufactured when they are perfect.

Perfect Fit

Philosophy and technique create synergy between structured lines and shapes that match the soft coats, bold jackets and figure-hugging and flowing dresses. Thanks to the perfect fit of our clothes we give value to our strength.

Cosmopolitan collections

Our constant commitment and dedication have allowed us to tell our story through vibrant collections, brought to life by an inner strength that best expresses the essence of every facet of every woman.

Berlin, Shanghai, New York and the enchanting island of Sicily were the sources of inspiration for our cornerstone collections, respecting and referring to the thousand and one facets of femininity. We have looked at the world with new eyes, inserting fragments of places, colours and evocations in each element of our collections.

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